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Splints & Guards

Protect Your Teeth 24/7

No matter the time of day, awake or asleep, Astro Dental Art creates Splints & Guards for all types of activities to provide the necessary level of comfort, support, or protection of your teeth and jaw.

Night Guards

Oral night guards look similar to trays for teeth whitening and provide many benefits. It sits over the teeth to protect them from grinding or clenching. Night guards can help prevent tooth damage, reduce jaw tension and pain, prevent headaches, and provide healthy sleep patterns by aligning jaw into the perfect position.

Dual (H/S) Comfort Splint

Dual Comfort Splint Night Guard Diagram

The Dual Comfort Splint night guard is processed with normal hard acrylic (H) on the occlusal surface and a soft thermoplastic (S) that is bonded to the inside. It is very comfortable with good retention and therefore patient compliance is very high. The Dual Comfort Splint is designed for protection against bruxism and nighttime teeth grinding. Available in 4 colours: green, blue. pink, and transparent.

The Dual Comfort Splint night guard is suitable for anyone who experiences jaw pain, tooth pain, or facial muscle pain.

The Dual Comfort Splint night guard is custom-made to fit your unique bite using materials that are BPA-free. This makes it a powerful prescription for bruxing and clenching, while providing optimal comfort.

The use of hard/soft combination of the Dual Comfort Splint night guard is also the solution to the issue of discomfort, fragility, and unsightliness from the traditional hard acrylic night guards.

Hard Splints & Soft Splints

Dental Splints are used to ease muscle tension and stabilize the jaw. They are designed in a unique way where it prevents the patient from grinding and clenching their jaw (bruxism), which is the reason behind muscle tension and pain. Although splints are originally designed to be worn at night, patients may be prescribed to wear their splints during the day or night depending on their activity and the reason behind the use of the splints.

Astro Dental Art Splints

Hard Splints

Hard Dental Splints are created from hard acrylic materials, and are designed to fit over the upper or lower arch. This allows the splint to provide even contact with the opposing teeth, which is used to protect the dentition in patients. Hard Splints provide occlusal comfort as they are fabricated for precise fit, and providing maximum rigidity and strength. 

Note: Astro Dental Art’s Hard Splints are made of Erkodur foils.

  • More durable than Soft Splints
  • Longer life span than Soft Splints
  • Not as comfortable as Soft Splints
  • More expensive than Soft Splints

Soft Splints

Soft Dental Splints are created from thermoformed dual laminate material, and are designed to fit over the upper or lower arch. The Soft Splints differ with the Hard Splints as not only do they have the strength needed to protect dentition against bruxism, they also improving patient comfort and avoids chipping and fracturing of the patient’s teeth.

Note: Astro Dental Art’s Soft Splints are made of Erkoflex foils.

  • Higher comfort than Hard Splints
  • Less bulky or obtrusive
  • Protects teeth from chipping and fracturing as well
  • More affordable than Hard Splints
  • Might encourage additional clenching, chewing, or grinding
  • Shorter lifespan than Hard Splints

Sports Guards

Knowing the proper ways to prevent injuries to one’s mouth and face is an important part of participating in organized sports or recreational activities. Sports guards are designed to help cushion a blow to the face to minimize the risk of any broken teeth, or injuries to your jaw, lips, tongue, or face.

Playsafe Sports Guard

Astro Dental Art Orthodontic Sports Guard
Astro Dental Art Playsafe Sports Guard Colour Chart

The Playsafe Sports Guard is the safest custom-made dentist-prescribed sports guard. Designed with single or multiple layers, the Playsafe Sports Guard is fabricated from sturdy yet pliable materials, with the goal of safety for the teeth of athletes. It forms a protective layer over the upper teeth, reducing risk of injuries.

The Playsafe Sports Guard is suitable for all sports. The protection level required by each sport determines the type of Playsafe mouthguard perfect for the individual.

  • Playsafe Sports Guard provides a superior fit and retention compared to other lab-made mouth guards.
  • It is custom-made for the highest protection with increased incisal thickness and multi-layers.
  • The Playsafe Sports Guard protects upper and lower jaw at the same time covering up to first molar.

As mentioned above, there are different types of Playsafe sports guards designed for different types of impacts and surface area coverage. The different types of Playsafe sports guards include:

  • Playsafe Triple
  • Playsafe Heavy Pro
  • Playsafe Medium
  • Playsafe Triple Light
  • Playsafe Light Pro
  • Playsafe Light

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Snoring and Sleep Apnea are natural phenomena that occur during one’s sleep. Snoring is a condition that exists in up to 40% of the population in industrialized countries. It is caused by the decreasing muscle tone during sleep and therefore causing a narrowing of the upper respiratory tract. Sleep Apnea is at a certain level of severity, a serious disease that may cause not only sleepiness during the day but also serious systemic diseases. It is caused by the obstruction in the respiratory tract, which reduces the respiratory air flow, and sometimes even completely stops the air flow while sleeping (apnea). In order to help with Snoring and Sleep Apnea, there are multiple devices that Astro Dental Art offers that allows individuals to address their issues. Amongst these devices, our most popular is the Comfort Nite Guard.

Comfort Nite Guard

Astro Dental Art silensor-sl orthodontics

The Comfort Nite Guard is a device that aids with snoring and sleep apnea in individuals. It consists of one split for the upper jaw and one for the lower jaw, where the lower jaw is either held in a predetermined position or advanced by 2 connectors that are fixed laterally to the splint. The Comfort Nite counteracts the narrowing of the respiratory tracts by preventing the lower jaw to fall back, which allows it to be both a comfortable and effective snore guard.

The Comfort Nite can be expected to be very successful for almost anyone since in almost all cases, the noise involved in snoring is caused by constriction of the airways.

However, the Comfort Nite cannot be used with edentulous patients and should only be fixed to a partial denture which as adequate retention.

Unlike many other snore guards on the market, the Comfort Nite is custom designed to fit each individual’s case, allowing for optimal comfort for the individual wearing the device.

If sleep apnea is suspected, the efficacy of the Comfort Nite should be assessed in a sleep laboratory considering the seriousness of the disease.