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Missing teeth? No problem!

Dentures are prosthetic devices specially designed to replace missing teeth and are supported by surrounding hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. Dentures are available in acrylic, cast metal, flexible, and hybrid materials, as well as in full and partial dentures.

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Acrylic Dentures

Acrylic dentures are made out of a type of plastic material that is moldable and can adapt to the changes in the patient’s mouth over time. They are popular as not only do they look good aesthetically, they are also easy to repair and are available for a wide range of teeth of different colors, sizes, and shapes. Astro Dental Art’s Acrylic Dentures are created using a premium process known as the Ivoclar Ivocap Injection process.

Temporary Acrylic Partial Astro Dental Art
Fully Acrylic Denture Astro Dental Art

Types of Acrylic Dentures

This restoration is geared towards a transitional solution for partially edentulous patients. Often used for missing teeth in a growing child or adolescent, or as a temporary for implant placement, these partials are made of acrylic framework only.

These Dentures are designed to restore and replace all missing teeth, and are press packed and heat cured. Heat curing provides the maximum strength and fit, and the restoration is retained by the peripheral seal.

Cast Metal Dentures

Cast metal partial dentures contain an acrylic base with a metal frame to add stability and increase the lifespan of the dentures. Although some patients are concerned about the appearance of the metal with the dentures, cast metal dentures can also be made to be the same color as the wearer’s gums and therefore not be noticeable by others.

Cr/Co or Titanium Partial Denture

CrCo or Titanium Partial Denture Astro Dental Art
  • STEP 1: The framework is waxed and then cast with well-adapted casting rendering superior adaptation
  • STEP 2: The denture is then formed with wax and sets teeth in position.
  • STEP 3: Next, the denture is heat cured under pressure
  • STEP 4: The denture is then hand stippled.
  • Very Cost Effective tooth replacement
  • Long Lasting
  • Non-invasive Treatment
  • Available with aesthetic clasp options
  • Removable, therefore requires cleaning

Flexible Dentures

Flexible dentures use advanced thermoplastic materials such as nylon which allow them to have different qualities that conventional dentures.

Astro Dental Art Zirlux Acetal Flexible Denture

Types of Flexible Dentures

The Zirlux Acetal Partial Dentures are made from a special copolymer that is semi-flexible when thin and more rigid as the resin becomes thicker. As the Zirlux Acetal dentures d o not absorb any water, the appliance is less likely to develop stains or odors.

Valplast® Partial Dentures are made of thermoplastic nylon resin, which makes the dentures thin, lightweight, and flexible. Valplast® dentures offer high aesthetic results as they blend in naturally with the wearer’s natural tissue and surrounding detention.

DuraFlex™ Partial Dentures are made with flexible acetyl resin and teeth (not nylon based). They are easily adjustable and polishable. The thin, transparent, and water-resistant material makes it less likely to absorb stains or odors.

Denture Accessories & Services

In addition to the creation of full and partial dentures, Astro Dental Art also sells denture accessories and provides services in order to help you create and maintain your dentures.

Denture Accessories

Astro Dental Art Custom Tray Denture Accessories

Custom trays are designed to be incredibly precise in order to take accurate initial impressions of the patient. They are also used to help insert and remove the impression material more easily.


Astro Dental Art Bite Block Denture Accessories
A bite block is a wax block that registers how your teeth bite together. Also known as a mouth prop, the wedge-shaped device allows the wax to be carved to the exact form of the denture.

Denture Services


Astro Dental Art provides denture repair services for any broken dentures. To schedule a repair, please call (403) 455-0300  or email [email protected] to book an appointment.


Astro Dental Art provides denture reline services for any broken dentures. To schedule a repair, please call (403) 455-0300  or email [email protected] to book an appointment.