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Chairside Service

As a professional full-service Dental Lab, we are always ready to provide all the solutions our customers need. All senior technicians have been fully trained and trained to support customers and partners.

Astro Dental Art’s Technician visits the clinic to help you provide the following services:

Shade Matching – Tabbed shade guides provide a wide spectrum of hue (color), value (lightness or intensity of the hue), and chroma (saturation or dominance of the hue). And we also teach the Dental Assistant for make sure How to take a proper picture of patient’s teeth for checking the shade.

Material Selection – The ideal restorative material would be identical to natural tooth structure in strength, adherence, and appearance. The properties of an ideal filling material can be divided into four categories: physical properties, biocompatibility, aesthetics, and application. Our technician will help you to choose the right materials for proper treatments.

Alginate Impression – We also guide all the steps involved are selection of impression tray, mixing and loading of alginate impression material, preparing the mouth, making the impression, removal/inspection of the impression, and storage and disinfection.

Astro Dental Art technicians also provide Denture Adjustment support both in our lab and clinic. Our technician supports evaluation for Denture fits with restorative material, three other main components should be considered: durability, function, and esthetics. Location of the restoration within the dentition, amount of existing tooth structure, and intended longevity of the restoration’s use should also be considered during material selection.

Our Senior Technicians support and help to plan the treatment details for your patients, and we support your Dental Assistant training to keep their knowledge up to date and assist your staff to provide high-quality service for your patients.

Please our specialist to arrange the on-site service schedule for your staff, email us at [email protected] or call us (403) 455-0300

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